K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 5 Coming Soon!

We are releasing our 5th annual live compilation spanning every twist and turn from the 2012 tour next month! Highlighting over 300 minutes of uninterrupted live music, K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 5 is the largest collection of music we have released to date, with over 4 discs of music packed into the compilation. Hand-selected and edited to feel like a live performance, the annual release will be available for download real soon.

In the meantime, here’s a free download teaser track from the compilation! Just enter your email address, and you’ll be sent an email to download the track. We won’t use the email for any other purpose than EOTO newsletters. We won’t share or sell it whatsoever, oh no no.

And here’s a second track for free, also from the forthcoming album:

If you’ve already given us your email address, and want to get the track in exchange for a twitter follow instead, you can use this to do so: