EOTO uses Ableton Live as their primary software for looping. It is installed on Travis’ and Hann’s laptops which are MIDI synched together through an Ethernet network hub. Travis loops and plays live Keyboards, Bass, ipad synth, and Guitar through his laptop. Hann plays live acoustic drums (no triggers), sings, and loops Vocals and Electronic Percussion through his laptop. Travis has another laptop that runs the Propellerhead software Reason, which contains keyboard and bass sounds that he programs.

Jason Hann:
• Jazz Mutant Lemur Multi Touch pad
• 2 Apple iPads
• Motu Ultra Lite
• Netgear ethernet hub
• Paiste Cymbals
• Spaun LED Drums
• Spaun LED 8″ popcorn Snare
• Toca Djembe
• Telefunken Microphones

Michael Travis:

• 2 MacBook Pro computers. One is running Ableton, and one is running Reason.
• 2 Behringer BCR 2000 MIDI controllers
• Roland Gaia keyboard
• Nord lead keyboard
• Korg MS 2000 keyboard
• Korg Kaossilator
• 5 string P Bass
• Les Paul Custom Guitar
• ONYX 12 Channel mixing board
• Behringer Xenyx 502 mixing board